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Hidden Secrets Journey


NAZOBAKO Tokyo by Invite Japan, Inc. is excited to offer a special edition scavenger hunt-style game...

Hidden Secret Journey: Mission Sakura!


This fully bilingual game allows anyone–both Japanese and non-Japanese alike–to experience the beauty of the world-renown sakura while solving exciting puzzles.

Fuujin is one of the many spirits that call Asakusa, Tokyo home.

 He uses the magical treasures in his home to create fortune and good luck for all.

This year, Fuujin wants everyone to enjoy a long sakura season. But the mischievous sakura fairies have hidden his treasures around Asakusa

You must help Fuujin find his treasures before the sakura fairies can summon the winds of spring to blow away the sakura petals.

What is Hidden Secret Journey?

Hidden Secret Journey is a puzzle-solving and exploration game. 

Find your way through the streets and back alleys of Asakusa, and solve the puzzles.




You have all the time you want to complete the game! It usually takes about 3 hours, but really, go at your pace, there's no rush :)

The main game is based on locations in Asakusa, but the final challenge is online.

Who can play?

The game is designed for everybody.

You can play with your family, your friends or by yourself. Anyone can play!

It is possible for one game kit to be shared with as many players as you wish. However, for everyone to enjoy solving puzzles and finding locations, we recommend that one pack be played by no more than three players. For groups of four or more, we recommend forming teams of 2 or 3 players and purchasing one pack for each team.

When can I play?

From 2019/03/01 



How do I get the kit?

You can buy the game kit from our facility, or online through this website. Then come pick up your kit at our facility.

(opening hours from 10:00 to 19:00)


3300¥(tax incl.)

3000(online price 10% off)

No refunds will be issued