Escape Game NAZOBAKO Tokyo by Invite Japan, Inc. is excited to offer a special edition of our outdoor scavenger hunt game for the new era...

Hidden Secret Journey

Chronicles of Japan


This fully bilingual game allows anyone, both Japanese and non-Japanese alike, to experience the beauty of  world-renowned Asakusa while solving

exciting puzzles.


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Chronicles of Japan Story

During your visit to Asakusa Temple, you are walking through the old downtown

district when you stop to rest at a pond and watch the carp.

Suddenly, you hear a strange voice calling your name…

When you turn around everything has changed–the surrounding scenery, people’s style of dress…


Somehow, you have entered a time slip.

You frantically check your belongings , and find a scroll

that wasn’t there before, as well as a strange book.

Written on the scroll is an old chronology of Japan.
However, some eras are missing from the scroll…


You’re not entirely sure what’s going on, but you have a feeling that you will have to find the missing eras and complete the chronology.

Using the scroll, the book, and your wits, you embark on a time-jumping adventure!

What is Hidden Secrets Journey?

Hidden Secrets Journey is an outdoor puzzle-solving exploration game. Find your way through the streets and back alleys of Asakusa,

and complete the challenges.




You have all the time you want to complete the game! It usually takes about 3 hours, but really, go at your pace, there's no rush :)

The main game is based around locations in Asakusa, but the final challenge is online.

Who can play?

The game is designed for everybody.

You can play with your family, your friends or by yourself. Old or young, resident or tourist–

anyone can play!

We highly recommend purchasing one kit for each player so that everyone can fully enjoy the experience.

When can I play?





How do I get the kit?

You can buy the game kit from our facility, or online through this website. Then come pick up your kit at our facility.

(opening hours from 10:00 to 19:00)

(Tax included)
(Online Price)
no refund available