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Fantastic Flag Puzzles


Flags are awesome!

And Using world flags as a theme makes for an awesome puzzle!
One that anyone can have fun doing.
There’s so much to discover in flags, and these puzzles are so enjoyable, you’ll be jumping to solve all of them, no matter who you are.

You might be wondering how interesting a bunch of flag puzzles can actually be. Trust us, Fantastic Flag Puzzles is instantly entertaining from the moment you pick it up.


Play it anywhere, anytime, and  with anyone: at home with your family, during your lunch break with coworkers, with friends! Just like an escape game, it’s a perfect bonding experience.


Fantastic Flag Puzzles is also a great way to get into the international spirit that’s arriving here for the Olympics. Japanese and foreigners from all over will be converging on Tokyo, so this is a great way to break the ice and 

Highly recommended for:
   • People who want to learn even more about lots of other countries.
   • People who are interested in foreign travel.
   • People who want to learn the names and/or flags of countries.
   • People who want to discover new countries to go to.
   • People who want to make friends from around the world.