Escape Game Nazobako Tokyo

The #1 Bilingual Escape Room in Tokyo

Ready to unravel a mystery?

How about becoming the main character in a full-on detective adventure?

Enter the world of escape games and let yourself be carried away…

Touch, observe, feel, think, decide–escape!

Relieve stress and daily worries, gain self-confidence, and deepen relationships.

Friends and families, couples and coworkers–any type of group is welcome!

Puzzle Solving + Adventure

Build new relationships

or strengthen old ones– 
all while having fun!




At Escape Game Nazobako, our rooms combine the popular style of games in Europe and North America with Japanese themes–a truly international hybrid.

We are fully bilingual: all rooms and instructions are in both English and Japanese. 

Our staff  will happily provide service in either language as well, so tourists who speak no Japanese are more than welcome!

Escape Game Nazobako Tokyo is

perfect for colleagues, couples, close friends, and more!

Play for fun or team-building!


Escape Rooms


Taking place in a Zen dojo, your  master challenges you to a personal mission. Amidst the challenges that you are confronted with, will you attain true enlightenment?

2-5 players

60 minutes


Samurai Espionage

You are samurai serving under the Shogun during the Edo period. The Shogun receives a letter about an assassination. The assassin will attempt to break into the Shogun's castle and you must protect him–

his life is in your hands!

2-5 players

60 minutes


A Winter's Tale:

The Secret Curse of Ice

Deep in a snow-filled forest, a girl discovers an ancient dragon and helps him fulfill his long-desired dream. But in doing so, the girl falls under a terrible curse….

What happened? And how can she be saved?

As magic detectives, you will need to solve the mystery in time in order to save the girl. 

2-5 players

60 minutes


Hidden Secrets Journey

Hidden Secrets Journey

Chronicles of Japan

Fully bilingual, outdoor

SCAVENGER HUNT game, for any and all to enjoy!

Experience the charms of Asakusa 

while solving an exciting time-travelling mystery !

What Is An Escape Room?

At Escape Game Nazobako Tokyo, you get to play the lead role in an exciting mystery adventure! Once you are “locked” in the escape room, the lights come up, the clock starts clicking and it’s up to you to search for clues, solve puzzles, and find keys to the locks.


Beware! Things are not what they seem...
If you can solve all the clues and press the escape button within 60 minutes–you win!


Sounds fun, right? Solving a really tough puzzle after a lot of thinking is also a great stress reliever. The minutes fly right by when you are playing a role as detective, so much so that you might not even notice that 60 minutes has ended!

Location, Location, Location: One of our best features is our proximity to the delightful and historical Asakusa area (only a stone’s throw from Sensoji Temple!)


Fully Bilingual Staff and Puzzles:  We are fully equipped to handle Japanese, Non-Japanese, and mixed groups (Japanese and English are always available, but we can also offer services in Tagalog, French, Spanish, and a few others. Please inquire!)

Our puzzles can be enjoyed by anyone: They are designed to be as language-neutral as possible, meaning that your enjoyment of the game is not dependant on knowing a certain language. The goal is to overcome language barriers and work together as a team. Everyone, from the boss down to the newest employee, will have a blast. Satisfaction guaranteed!

 Top 5 Reasons to choose   Nazobako's Escape Room

Friendly 5 Star Customer Service

Our fully bilingual staff (Japanese + English) are fully at your service to make your time here as enjoyable as possible. We are proud to have received a 5 star customer service satisfaction rating!

Experience That “Aha!” Feeling

Forget about the stresses of daily life as you immerse yourself in a world of solving puzzles. It’s an exhilarating and refreshing feeling all at once!

Stimulate Your Senses

Anyone, no matter where they are from, will feel the thrill of engaging multiple senses at once. See, feel, touch, explore! Our escape room puzzles stimulate different intelligences as well: numbers, logic, cryptic symbols, and more!

Japanese-themed Puzzles and Escape Rooms

In our “Samurai” and “Zen” rooms, players get the chance to physically interact with Japanese culture and history. The rooms and the objects inside have all been remodeled, allowing guests to literally step into Japan’s past and explore. It is why these games are so popular.

Transcend social categories

Age, gender, nationality...whatever artificial distinctions might exist among team members in your group will be broken down by the time they complete the final challenge. Our escape rooms naturally unify teams, and forges a common sense of accomplishment. The bonding doesn’t end when the team leaves the room though. Everyone will be talking about the memories they shared for days to come.

Escape Game Nazobako 

The #1 Bilingual Escape Room in Tokyo Experience

Detach from your smartphone and enjoy quality bonding time with your friends and coworkers–free from distractions!

Our games can be played by anyone–men and women, old and young! Whether you are 7 or 70, discover the excitement of using your senses and working together with your team to solve all the puzzles!

Prepare to use a variety of different skills and intelligences: your powers of observation, investigation, and inference, your imagination and intuition, as well as your logical reasoning and communication skills.


             1. Your mission is to solve all the puzzles in the escape room within the allotted time limit.

             2. If you want to win you will have to work together with the rest of your team. There’s no time to be

                 shy; you will have to share your ideas and work together as one in order to succeed.

             3. Brains need puzzles like the body needs exercise. After giving our escape rooms a whirl, you’ll feel 

                 happy and refreshed just like after a workout.

  There’s no other convenient, think-for-yourself attraction like us in Tokyo! Rather than passively having fun, our games allow you to take charge of your experience.

See your friends and family in a new light! You will have fun while growing closer together. We welcome you to try our escape rooms at NAZOBAKO today!