A Winter’s Tale: The Secret Curse of Ice

Deep in a snow-filled forest, a girl discovers an ancient dragon and helps him fulfill his long-desired dream. But in doing so, the girl falls under a terrible curse….

What happened? And how can she be saved?

As magic detectives, you will need to solve the mystery in time in order to save the girl. 

60 min


Christine P

A great example of how a tiny space can still be a challenging, immersive, and well done escape room. My husband and I did the intermediate room and thought it was such a fun, challenging room, even with more traditional lock/key puzzles. English is available so that helped and they even serve tea once you're done playing so you can quietly go over your experience.

Debbie K

We really enjoyed our first Escape Room experience with our two under-10 daughters. We did manage to escape after plenty of clues and help but for us, it was more about having fun than getting a winning time!
Bit tricky to find so leave extra time. The staff were very welcoming and friendly.

David N

Wherever we travel we always try to test ourselves in a local escape room. In this case, we successfully went through the medium diffculty challenge! the adventure is nicely designed, with interesting puzzles and riddles to solve. On top of that, you have the chance to be transported to the ancient Japan, a certainly unique experience for us as foreigners.

What To Expect From Our New Seasonal Escape Room?

Perfect for Families and Friends

Anyone at any age can play! The magical winter storyline and fantastical puzzles will amaze both kids and adults alike. And like all of our games, this escape room is fully bilingual (Japanese and English). Good for dates, couples, friends, and coworkers–winter is a wonderful time to come in from the cold and play an escape game together. 

New Set of Puzzles

Even if you have played our rooms before (including last year’s winter room, A Christmas Secret), you will be in for quite a treat. A Winter’s Tale features brand new puzzles and challenges created specifically for this seasonal room. Whether you are a veteran of Nazobako or a first time beginner, A Winter’s Tale will test your mind and excite your senses!

Immersive Storyline

For A Winter’s Tale we’re not pulling any punches creatively. We’ve listened to all of your feedback, and have designed a more immersive story that will engage you both mentally and emotionally. In keeping with this, A Winter’s Tale features puzzles and room designs that are incorporated into the very fabric of the storyline itself. Without giving too much of our secrets away, you will truly feel as if you have entered into a magical world as detectives, and must uncover the secret to a breaking a terrible spell ...

A Winter's Tale: Storyline

Once upon a time in winter,

A little girl found a dragon on top of a snowy mountain. It was old and beautiful.

The dragon had been there alone for 400 years.

The little girl went and visit it everyday after that.

The dragon told her: “I wish I could fly in the sky again”

One day, the girl thought about a passage she read in an old book, which read : 

“If you channel your memories and feelings towards the starry sky, your wish will come true, but…”


The girl made a wish that the dragon would be able to fly again.

Alas, the girl didn’t remember that the rest of the said : “...but those who have given their memories and feelings are like motionless dolls, asleep in pillars of destructible ice.”


The moment the wish was fulfilled, the girl froze in place, her body trapped in ice.

The dragon tried to melt the ice by breathing fire,  but the ice would not melt.

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